Computers and Our Autonomy

I was watching the Terminator the other day, and it had me thinking about how computer systems have infiltrated our lives. It was funny because the original movie was set in the 80s when computer systems were still new and weren’t involved in so many of our day-to-day activities. Then the idea being that eventually the systems will take over the world, and destroy us humans as they saw us as enemies. It’s seemed pretty far-fetched at the time, but nowadays it wouldn’t be so out there. I remember when the newest thing in the car market was the computer system that controled the omissions in the engine. I’m not really sure how they were controlled before, but I remember then it was the latest fad to have your car controlled by a computer chip. It was the must-have thing and everybody bragged about their new purchase. Then it went from there. Computer systems were integrated into our appliances, climate systems, and security systems.

car computer systems

They were even put into our coffee makers and toasters. I know a guy who does Villanova air conditioning in PA, and he installs components that let you run all your home systems from your phone.  Who would’ve thought years ago that our toaster needed a computer chip in it. But now it is just common place. If you go down the street in a big city and you see someone run a red light, the camera will take a picture of their license plate and send them a ticket in the mail. There are even saying eventually there will be bar codes on license plates.

home systems

They are even looking into computer chips installed in our bodies. They will have all of our personal data including bank accounts, personal records, and helpful information stored right inside of us for easy retrieval. Some say that it is just a way for the government to keep tighter controls, but others say it’s an easy way for us to stay organized and efficient. Either way, computers pretty much run our lives now, and hopefully unlike the movie they won’t see us as the enemy that has to be destroyed.