Turning to a Managed WiFi Solution

Turning to a Managed WiFi SolutionIt is more common than ever to have a remote workforce, tasks that can be outsourced easily are done to keep businesses competitive.  But with all these different devices how can your business support them?  Cloud based WiFi systems or an outsourced wireless solution allows you to keep paces and run your business.  There are WiFi providers that offer wireless network management  and here are some of the benefits.

Geographically Diverse

Traditional wireless networks have had to rely on physical hardware controllers for direct access points, but cloud based models allow for plug and play options across all locations.

Making Business Easier

Hassle free connectivity is the biggest benefit of using a WLAN management service.  This frees up your IT team since they don’t have to deal with network downtime or users contacting them constantly for access.  Your entire WLAN system is instead managed by a third party and it will be up to them to deal with any upcoming issues.  Here are the perks of having a managed WLAN solution.

Managing Risk

Protecting data is a challenge for every business and your WiFi network is part of that.  You need to take your customer’s privacy very seriously and the internet makes that job even harder.  If you have read a newspaper or been online in the past few weeks then you have seen what Facebook is going through in regards to privacy.  Public WiFi hotspots even make users agree to a terms of service policy before granting access.

Engaging Customers

If you are running WiFi access for you customers then you have a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, you can add surveys, promotions and all kinds of different content when they access your network.  This lets you understand your customers better and what they expect from you.

Completely Scalable

It is the goal of every business to grow and if you are using third party solutions then you want one that will grow with you.  Managed WLAN services have the ability to grow with you.  They have the advantage of having rapid deployment to managed increased use.

There are few if any businesses today that can function without some type of IT services and information technology has gotten more complex over the years.  Using third party services not only frees you up from the day to day management of your network, you can focus on growing your business while someone else takes care of your network security.