Computer Updates

You know what one of the most annoying things in the world is to me? Computer system updates. No I know that sounds really silly, because having our system updated and running properly keeps everything running in line. To me though it seems to always happen at just the wrong time. I’m working on a very important presentation or spreadsheet, and my computer locks up because it’s going through an update. There have been times when I have lost all my data during such a period. So every time I see that little clock pop up on the corner of my terminal, I get really paranoid.

computer update

I fear the worst is about to happen. So what are your updates anyway, and why are they crucial to our systems. Well, updates happen for a number of reasons, and come at different times of development. After a piece of software is completed, the writers sometimes forgot to add an important pieces of data to the structure, so they need to send it out as an update. So what they will do is send a patch as it’s called to everyone who is registered to use the software, and it automatically installs itself in the code.


It is usually quick and easy and doesn’t affect the functionality of the program. Updates can also be a line of defense against spyware or malware. Hackers find a way to get into your system, and then the developers have to close up the hole so they can’t get in. So they may update the firmware to cover such losses. So there are numerous reasons our computer and related systems get updated, and it is very important to the life of our computer or any system we have. They just seem to rub me the wrong way because I feel like they’re coming it’s just the wrong times.